Havurot (Fellowship Groups)

Looking for Community? Join a Havurah!

Hoping to meet others in the congregation? Not sure quite how to do it? Over the past year we’ve been creating many new havurot (fellowship groups). They provide an opportunity for members and others to form smaller communities within the congregation. Most meet once a month, are organized by members, and pull people together with a similar demographic or interest. If you’d like to participate, email Joy at office@shamayim.org and she will connect you with the group leaders.


Our Young Family Havurah welcomes parents and little ones ages 0-5. They have a monthly Sunday morning playgroup and they get together for holidays, tot Shabbat, and special events. Our Men’s Havurah meets monthly on Sunday mornings for coffee and discussion and provides a great opportunity for a group of men to spend time together. We just started a Women’s Havurah as well which meets monthly. If you’re an older member of the community you might be interested in the Havurah on Aging. Members discuss issues related to growing older.

Our teens have a loosely formed Youth Group and create their own holiday celebrations, volunteer together, teach in our school, and help lead services.

Our Torah Study Havurah is a key part of our ritual calendar. It meets every other Saturday morning in a member’s home (on weeks when we do not have Shabbat morning services). Members who are interested volunteer to lead a discussion about the weekly Torah portion. For those who like Jewish meditation and chanting, our Meditation and Chanting Havurah meets Saturday evenings.

Looking for something social? Try our new Arts and Culture Havurah, which meets for a variety of cultural events around Madison.

Want to work on your Hebrew? We have a Beginner’s Hebrew Reading Group.

We also have a Shabbat Dinner Havurah that meets monthly.

Lastly, we’re just launching our Young Adult Havurah for Jews and their friends who are in their 20s and 30s. This group meets monthly for Shabbat dinner, holidays, volunteer projects, bar nights, and discussion.

We have something for everyone. We hope you'll join us!