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Gesher Registration 2022-2023

Thank you for registering for Gesher! We ask that parents pay the first half of tuition by September 1 and the second half by January 9. You also have the option to pay in monthly installments.

Please note: To enroll your child(ren) in Gesher you are required to be a member of Congregation Shaarei Shamayim. Please submit your 2022-2023 membership forms prior to registering for Gesher. Please contact Joy Zotalis with any questions at 257-2944 or


Please provide the name and number of a local friend or family member who can be contacted in case of an emergency (if parent/guardian is unreachable).



If no other children skip to the next section


If no other children skip to the next section




Key to Grades

Aleph: Kindergarten | Bet: 1st grade | Gimmel: 2nd grade | Daled: 3rd grade | Hay: 4th grade | Vav: 5th grade | Zion: 6th grade | Chet: 7th grade

Gan, Aleph, Bet, Gimmel: $350 (Sunday only)
Daled, Hay, Vav, Zion: $575 (Sunday and tutoring)
Chet: $350 (Sunday only)
Chet: $575 (Sunday and tutoring)
Partial Year: $125 (Pre-approval required)
Tutoring only: $500 (Must be pre-approved by Rabbi Laurie)

*After August 31, a $25 late fee will be added onto to each enrollment (reflected in the total).

Families with more than one child can select the multi-child discount of $75 for each additional child up to $150.

For scholarship information please contact Rabbi Laurie. If requesting, select 'bill to account' when registering.

   Gan Aleph Bet Gimmel (Sunday only)
   Daled Hay Vav Zion (Sunday and tutoring)
   Chet (Sunday only)
   Chet (Sunday and tutoring)
   Tutoring Only (pre-approval required)
   Multiple Child Discount ($75) - Select "1" for 2 children, or "2" for 3 or more.
Upon hitting "Submit" you will be taken to a payment page where you can enter your credit/banking information to make a payment, set up a recurring payment, or select payment by check.
Fri, October 7 2022 12 Tishrei 5783