It is not what one says, but rather what one does, that makes all the difference in the world. – Pirke Avot 1:17

Your contributions of money and time help sustain our community.

Online Financial Gifts

A financial donation is a wonderful way to help support our community, mark a special occasion, remember someone dear, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or rejoice in the arrival of a child.

Please select a fund from the following links:

General Fund – supports the full range of Shaarei Shamayim activities

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund – allows our rabbi to make gifts to those in need

Sacred Books and Torah Fund (Siddurim/Machzorim $36, Chumashim $72) – builds our collection of prayer books and Hebrew Bibles and provides funding for the occasional repair of our Torahs 

High Holiday Fund – allows us to continue to offer High Holiday services to members and friends of the community at no charge

Bet Sefer Scholarship Fund – offers need-based scholarships to families for their children's Jewish education

Friends of the State Street Family Fund– provides food and water when members serve bi-monthly meals to Madison's homeless community

Judith Zukerman Kaufman Ritual and Education Fund– supports scholarships, books, and programming in memory of Judith Zukerman Kaufman.

Reframing Israel Fund – supports Rabbi Laurie's Reframing Israel Curriculum - see

Prefer to write a check? Simply fill out this donation form and mail your contribution to the Shaarei Shamayim office.

Sponsor a Kiddush
Celebrate a special occasion by sponsoring a Kiddush. This is a great way to show appreciation to the community.

Special and Legacy Gifts
Consider making Congregation Shaarei Shamayim a part of your estate and tax plan. Name Congregation Shaarei Shamayim as a beneficiary of your estate, or arrange for the congregation to receive a charitable trust, gift annuity, life insurance or retirement plan. Please contact our treasurer for more information.

Gifts of Time and Support

Volunteer to serve on a congregational committee. Opportunities include Ritual Committee, Membership Committee, Children's Education Committee, Finance Committee, Tzedakah Committee, and the High Holiday Committee.

Host a Shabbat potluck in your home.

Prepare a meal for a community member in need.

Help out at Bet Sefer. Join us in the classroom, at assembly, on a field trip, or working with our teachers' assistants.

Get involved on Shabbat morning. Lead Torah study, teach a new song, read Torah, give a dvar Torah, or join our song leading group.

Provide support in the office.

Take photos at our events.

Or, how would you like to get involved? Please contact our membership chair to discuss additional opportunities.