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"It's not what one says, but rather what one does, that makes all the difference in the world." - Pirkei Avot
We greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you for choosing to support Congregation Shaarei Shamayim. Our warm, welcoming community and ever-increasing activity have been providing spiritual nourishment and bringing people together in expanding numbers for over 30 years.

Our thriving congregation requires staff and other support that is not fully funded by member dues. Contributions to our General Fund and Sustaining Our Future Fund help ensure that Shaarei Shamayim continues to be a home for Jewish life and learning in Madison where every member of our community can find connection, comfort, and belonging.

General Fund

Donations to the General Fund support our programming, community events, Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman and Shaarei Shamayim staff. Your contribution to the General Fund will help Shaarei Shamayim carry out its activities and continue to grow.

Sustain Our Future Fund

Donations to the Sustain Our Future Fund are an investment in the future of Shaarei Shamayim. Help us continue to offer opportunities for Jewish celebration, learning, and community participation by contributing to the Sustain Our Future Fund.

Read more about our campaign.

Targeted Donations

If you wish to support a specific aspect of Shaarei Shamayim's activity, please visit our Targeted Donations page.

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