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Keep in Touch With Us through Email Lists, Groups, Newsletter, Website, and Facebook

We have many ways to keep in touch, and we’ve added a few more — be sure to sign up for whatever method best keeps you connected to our community. Please contact Joy at to sign up.

Shamayim Happenings: This weekly email gives a schedule of upcoming events and announcements. When a death occurs or a baby is born we also send announcements to this list. Members are automatically added to this; they can opt out of they choose. You may sign up online to receive this email here.

Kibitz Discussion Group: This unmoderated group is an opportunity to share announcements, ask questions, have political discussions, or advertise non-CSS events. (Kibitz is Yiddish for chit-chat.)

Newsletter: Our monthly newsletter has our calendar, additional information about the congregation, and reflections by Rabbi Laurie and members. It comes in both print and electronic forms. Members automatically receive a copy; others are welcome to request one. To save on printing costs and reduce waste we encourage you to get the newsletter electronically.

Facebook Pages: We have a congregational page — Congregation Shaarei Shamayim — as well as pages for the Young Adult HavurahYoung Family Havurah, and Madison Jewish Pledge. Make sure to “like” us!

Website: Our website has our current schedule, featured programs, member resources, and information for prospective members. Check out our calendar of events.

Social Action list: These new bi-weekly emails will keep members and friends informed about specific details related to our social action work: Protecting vulnerable communities, Circles of Support, Friends of the State Street Family, and Resettling Refugees. It will also include social action programs and events in the community that the congregation has sponsored.

Kids at CSS: These low-traffic email groups are a way for parents to keep in touch with each other about programming for children and teens, as well as Rabbi Laurie to contact all the parents in a particular age group. All parents are added to these groups.

Other Havurot: Other havurot have their own lists: Torah Study, Young Family, Men, Women, Aging, Intermediate Hebrew. These keep members and friends up-to-date on particular details of group meetings.

Jewish Community Death Notifications: The Jewish Federation of Madison announces deaths from other congregations and the larger community on this list.

Mon, June 24 2019 21 Sivan 5779