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Read reflections, divrei Torah, and other writing by our members:

Coming October 2019

Judaism and Forgiveness, by Celeste Robins (2019)

Holding All There Is, by Judith Heilizer (2018)

Reflection 2 - Liberation, by Bici Pettit-Barron (2018)

Reflection 1 - Liberation, by Judith Heilizer (2018)

The Hat Trick, blog post by Brian Johnson (2017)

Rosh Hashanah second day d'var Torah by Judith Heilizer (2017)

Kol Nidrei Reflection by Lesely Wolf and Kris Glodoski Wolf (2017)

Kol Nidrei Reflection by Alison Lebwohl (2017)

Kol Nidrei Reflection by Brian Lavendel (2017)

D’var Torah in Three Parts: The Maccabees, Nazi Germany, and America After the Election by Judith Heilizer (2016) 

D'var Torah Bo in honor of MLK day by Dorith Steinberg and Judith Heilizer (2015)

Poetry written during a Shabbaton session (2015)

Wed, October 16 2019 17 Tishrei 5780