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By Jeff Spitzer-Resnick

As a founding member of Shaarei Shamayim, it is my great pleasure to continue to serve as our community‚Äôs president. Over the past year, I am pleased to report that we have experienced continued growth in our membership. We now have over 160 member families. 

When my wife, Sheryl, and I joined with others to create our wonderful community over 25 years ago, we dreamed of creating an inclusive community which welcomes everyone who wants to be a part of our Reconstructionist and Renewal community. We are truly blessed to see our dream come true as we continue to grow and develop.

Our inclusivity includes all ages, abilities, sexual orientations, styles of worship, interfaith couples, Jews by choice, and those seeking a Judaism that meets them where they are. We have established many new havurot (fellowship groups) so that everyone can find kinship within our community. If you seek a welcoming Jewish community, Shaarei Shamayim invites your presence at any of our activities, including services, welcoming potlucks, Bet Sefer for our children, adult education programs, and many other events. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns or just want to get together for a cup of coffee.

Mon, June 24 2019 21 Sivan 5779