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Thank you for volunteering to do this important mitzvah for someone in our community. Your role is to allow the person or family who are mourning be as free as possible from the responsibilities of having guests in their home.

Contacting the Individual/Family Member

You may need to briefly touch base with the individual or family member who is in mourning. Make sure not to overwhelm them with details. They very likely may be overwhelmed and would prefer to just have you take care of everything. 

Obtaining Supplies

All of the supplies that you will need are stored at Shaarei Shamayim’s office. If you need to get the supplies and our office manager is not in, please contact Rabbi Laurie or the Shaarei Shamayim president. Supplies include: kippot, prayer books, paper and plastic ware for food, and food storage wrap and plastic bags. Some people also purchase two large bottles of juice. Contact our office manager for reimbursement if you would like.

At the home

It is important to arrive half an hour early to organize the space for the service and for food. As guests arrive, direct them to where they should bring their food. Additionally, during the meal your job is to manage refills and get rid of empty plates and trash. After guests leave, wrap up the leftovers for the family, take care of trash, and take the supply box with you to return to the office.  Please keep in mind that others need to use our shiva supplies, so please don’t forget to return them promptly and notify the office manager if supplies are low.

If you have any questions, please contact our office manager at 257-2944.

Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784